July 25, 2014

Utah: Provo

Three days in your college town isn't enough to reminisce, we decided.  So much has changed around campus!  This time visiting, we could still get mistaken for students, but maybe not next time.  Also, was it really that hot when we went to school there in the summer???!?  How did I not notice that?!  I think I'm made for humid heat... .

We walked by the Provo Tabernacle, which is being renovated as a temple, after a fire.  It burned a day before our wedding and I couldn't believe how much progress there has been.  In college, I used to day dream our children sitting in there for stake conference, with their fiances holding hands, like I remember with Devin.  Now our kids can just get married there instead, or not, there are a lot of beautiful temples :).

We met with Suzanne, her husband, and her cute new baby at Cafe Rio!  Suzanne made my first year of teaching bearable and taught me so much.  She was always so upbeat and uplifting, and even though it was her first year teaching in Special Education, she was the best mentor I could have imagined in teaching.  After having desks right next to each other for a year, it was wonderful catching up with her (even if it embarrassed our husband sometimes).

We had the opportunity to visit Shari that I became friends with my freshman year at Murray State and Chelsea and Nate, who moved from our ward this year, and eat lots of yummy food!  It was fun catching up with people, and yet, somehow we still had a huge list of people to see when we left.

I hope we can go back and visit again sooner rather than later!

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Erica Layne | Let Why Lead said...

Hahaha, I loved what you said about being mistaken for students this time...but not next time. I think my husband and I are past the point of no return. :) :) LOVE provo and BYU!