April 19, 2014

stitchfix #1

I have been wanting to try a Stitchfix for a long time!  You pay $20, fill out a style profile with your sizes and preferences, and then they send you a box with five clothing items.  If you buy them, then they put the $20 towards your purchase.  I've been checking the mailbox pretty eagerly... .
In the box, the stylist prepares notes for different outfits and items and how to wear them.  You can request the same stylist the next time if it really clicks.

Out of the five items, I ended up keeping this maxi dress, which I think looks a lot cuter on me than it did today (bloated).  I always see people at church wearing maxi dresses and think they look really cute, but always end up passing them up because sometimes they are ridiculously long. 
Overall, I enjoyed the service because who doesn't enjoy getting surprise clothing in the mail?!  However, I felt like most of the items were out of my price range and the sizing was really random- these are all things you can put on the stylist feedback though.

Stitchfix might be something I do every once in a while to help me try out some clothing I normally wouldn't (that I end up liking a lot!), but only if I had cash burning a hole in my pocket.  What I did like though was that I felt like it made me a little more adventurous when Devin and I recently went shopping.

Also, it is kind of cold in Georgia right now and we keep joking about how I unabashedly look like a teacher ;)- that always ends up happening.


Lizzie Justice said...

How cute! I want to try it but I have been hesitant.

Jessica said...

I've never heard of that but it sounds cool. A very interesting idea.

Love the dress! It looks really good on you!

Lauren said...

Ah, I keep wanting to try this--I have a friend who has done it and loves it!! But I just feel like it would be too expensive. Maybe some day when I actually have money to burn on things like this.

Lauren said...

The dress is super cute, by the way!!!