April 17, 2014

Autumn nests: a house with a yellow door

When we first moved to our house, it had no curb appeal.  We had a half-dead dog wood in the front yard, a 20 foot privacy bush in the middle of our yard, and visually, it was really easy to miss where our door was.  Our door color was too dark.

So, I went to facebook and asked everyone what they thought: a light turquoise/blue door, yellow, or sage green.  After the votes began coming in, I decided I wanted a blue or yellow door.  The masses voted yellow and I'm really happy about it.

It is really amazing what some paint can do!


The photos above are from back in September and I have my Momma to thank for the pretty door.  She painted it while I was at work and Devin was in Pennsylvania.

Below are some recent photos and...exciting news: our flowers are popping up now!
I'm pretty proud of our little porch pig!  We found it (him?) at TJ Maxx trying to find more blue and white pots.  I may just have to find some more pots like this to put throughout our garden bed.  I already have blue and white plates throughout the house...this may be an obsession.
There is nothing happier than coming home to a bright yellow door!


Summer said...

so fun! Definitely lights up the house.

Justin & Lindsay said...

I love it! Your house is adorable!

Lourdes said...

Love that door!

and the flowers! Oh my!

And the pig!

Happy Easter to you my friend!

Xo Lourdes