February 5, 2014

a reminder

This year, in a way of finding more hope in my life, I have been trying to see the "tiny miracles" in everyday. Everyday I have always been able to find something.

Today a student was so kind to one of my students in a class today. I was so appreciative of how he included my student, asked him questions, and wanted to know more about his field trip.  Before I even got back to my classroom, I was wondering if someone was cutting onions in the hallway :).

My students love like a child, and when the world doesn't love them back in that way, it can be heart breaking.  When I see the opposite happen for my students, it is the best feeling in the world.  These situations remove me from the paperwork and and fill me with pride that I am doing something important; it is a reminder that matters of the heart are so important.
Today reminded me: this is why I am a teacher and that there is so much good in the world.


Brooke said...

I honestly wish I could be in one of your classes, I feel like you are the best teacher ever! Thank you for sharing this, it made my day.

Jenna Griffin said...

Isn't being a teacher so rewarding? I'm so happy to find another Georgia blogger (and teacher!). What grade do you teach?

Lauren said...

Such a sweet post, Autumn! I know I say this like every time I comment, but seriously, you are awesome. For reals.

It is so hard to notice these moments, but they really are what make life wonderful. Kudos to that other kid for being open to that moment.