January 13, 2014

paying our dues

All of the ladies I work with are on the brink of retirement and then there is me "hey, I'm your kid's age" basically.  It makes me think a lot about insurance, social security, retirement, being a Mom, job flexibility, and health issues...I'm being serious.  A common theme is about how everyone has to pay their dues at sometime to get the life they want.

Since life is a little too busy for comfort right now, I thought I would write out how we are paying our dues for our future:

h  e  a  l  t  h
Since the new year, I've seen some success already with watching my weight. At this point, I am 5.2 pounds down by calorie tracking with my fitness pal which has been a long time friend.  I've been making mini meals to eat throughout the day, I made some soup that looks disgusting (but actually tastes really good- even husband approved) from here, and I've been walking some.  Cooking, cleaning up after my kitchen messes, and calorie tracking has become my hobby right now.

j  o  b
This is our first year for us to both be working while experiencing busy season together.  Life has become a little bit of a juggling act trying to keep up with my job, the housekeeping, and try to be awake by the time Devin gets home from work.  If we were paid by the hours we have to work to do our jobs properly, opposed to what we are paid, we would be stinkin' rich :).  I'm grateful Devin isn't traveling the whole time.

G  o  d
I've been playing church hymns and music every time I am in my classroom alone just for me.  I've been reading lots of church talks and scriptures.  I've been praying.  I'm pretty sure that is the only reason I have been able to have time in my day for everything.

Those are my not so deep thoughts and a completely unrelated selfie because I didn't realize how badly I needed a haircut...and I love my new one.
Hope everyone is having a good year so far and I need to really catch up on blogs!


Sarah Shumate said...

Woohoo! Over 5 pounds down! You're doing awesome! A few years ago I made a conscious effort to eat healthy - not to lose weight, just to be healthy, and being in the kitchen became my hobby, too. Especially on weekends, I felt like I never left. I was always either cooking, eating, or cleaning up it seemed like! It was worth it, though! We have healthier habits now and just generally feel better most of the time!

Camille Millecam Whiting said...

Love this! My Dad retired early this year, and it made me think a ton about working and paying dues to retire. I haven't thought about all the other ways we put in our time. Thanks for inspiring me to!

robertandsharon said...

We all have to pay it forward in life to be able to enjoy our retirement; spend time with family and go to milestone events in their lives; travel for our own fun an ejoyment; and especially to be able to serve missions or other assignments in the church. I am truly grateful for this time in my life and for a husband who made sure we prepared for the future. You have a good start on all of this...and I love that picture of you - you are so pretty!