January 29, 2014

my snowpocalypse miracle

Yesterday we received a notice, while I was teaching, that they were sending the kids home 2 hours early.  A few hours later, the weather had gotten so bad that we were being told bus pick ups were being canceled.  At this point, I still had ten students and I was thinking "how in the world am I going to be getting home?"  Nothing makes you feel dumber than realizing that I live 1.5 miles away from my job and I was unable to walk home because I wore flats without socks!

Many teachers were coming back to the school because the traffic and roads were so bad that their roads were closed.  Everything was bumper to bumper for miles.  All of my students ended up going home and when I left the school, I wasn't sure what to see.  What happened to me?  An absolute miracle.

I said a quick prayer before I got in my car and saw the road I needed to get on was completely empty - even though the other side of the road was packed for miles.  At first it scared me because I was worried the road was closed.  When I went down that road, I saw the next road was also completely empty even though the other side of the road was packed for miles.  A lady at an intersection began yelling at me that the road was closed.

I decided to pull into a parking lot and watched as this lady told many people that the road was closed.  I decided to go with my gut and went anyway and...you know what?  The road wasn't closed.  One side of the road, again, was packed for miles, however, the side I needed was again- completely empty.

I ended up getting home from school in about 30 minutes which is a miracle for my 1.5 trek.  It took many people over 4 hours to get the same distance home.
This is down our street and it is all ice.  Over half of our street is all ice.
It took Devin 8 hours to get home.  Devin travels a lot, but I've never been in a situation where I was actually concerned about his safety.  He saw tractors moving semi trucks up hill on the interstate, car wrecks, and so many people abandoning their cars.  I was so happy when he walked in the door!  So many people we know ended up stuck in their cars for a day or had to sleep in shelters.

I feel very blessed that we were able to sleep in our bed together last night and that our work is canceled for tomorrow.

(Also, we are now making emergency backpacks for our car trunks too now.  I will always have a pair of snow boots, tennis shoes, and an extra coat in my trunk now.  I felt pretty dumb realizing I didn't have an option to be able to walk home!)


Kathryn said...

What a wonderful miracle! :) Glad you got home safely and without too much bother. I love the snow but it can make travelling very stressful!

Amanda Schroeder said...

Wow! That's awesome! Cute pictures, too. And I NEED EMERGENCY BACKPACKS. Ahhhh that's genius.

Sarah Shumate said...

That's very smart to put a "snow-kit" in your car. Throw in some of those instant hand warmer packs, too. They're like $1 each at Walmart but will mean a world of difference if you're walking home in 7 degree weather!

Lourdes said...

I don't know how to act in Snow. I lived in Florida all my life ( no snow) and have visited Flagstaff (during snow) a few times. BUt every time we made sure to pack everything we needed. If it started snowing all of a sudden, I would be out of luck!!!!!

I am glad you and your husband are OK and made it home.

Xo Lourdes

Christina | Home Says Hello said...

I'm so happy you didn't have to go through that craziness.

The scariest part was that I never saw any type of emergency response on 1-75/85 or 1-20...just graveyards of vehicles stuck in the ice.

Every time there was a stretch of empty road, it was terrifying. I TOTALLY understand the confusion of "Is this road closed? Is it safe?"

I think my sheer determination to get home is what gave me the courage to keep going.

It makes me so happy every time I meet someone that experienced this and MADE IT.

Amy said...

so glad y'all made it home safely!!

i never think to have an emergency backpack in my trunk - in the south (as you know) snow rarely happens - so why keep that on hand? it just never crosses my mind lol