January 23, 2014

2014 word of the year

My word of this year is: hope.

I feel like a big part of being happy, resilient, having faith, and being able to receive spiritual blessings has to do with being hopeful.

I realized before I went back to school that I kept asking for things that I hoped for in my prayers and finally over the past week...I began asking for the ability to hope better as well.  That was when I realized this is something I really do want for myself.  Something I can ask for daily.  Something I can sincerely have.

I have no idea how to measure it to tell I have "more of it," but I do have confidence that if you think about one thing enough that it will happen.

I hope to be a better wife.
I hope to be a better homemaker.
I hope to be a better "whatever I am at that moment."
I hope to be a more obedient daughter of God.
I hope to get more guidance in my life.
I hope to get more answers to my prayers.
I hope to have more hope.

So, here goes.
Even though I didn't formally plan it, I realized my word of the year for 2013 was gratitude.  Gratitude to God.  Gratitude for trials.  Gratitude for the little things.  Gratitude in thank you card form (which I could spend all day doing and never finish).  Gratitude, period.


Lindsey said...

I really like this. Hope is the first step to faith. I really like how Alma teaches it... "Even if all you can do is hope to believe" or something like that... :)

Justin & Lindsay said...

I love this!