June 30, 2012

leaving the nest

After years of learning the lesson that God is control and I need to stop planning... the only answer I have been receiving from prayers for months is: you pick your adventure now.  I kind of feel like a grown-up now, but I'm sure I will have plenty of humbling experiences.

So, here is my lose plan for the next few months:
- buy a stash of exercise DVDs and a dog...ah hem...walking companion
- study for a semi-decent GRE score and apply to school
- get a job of some sort if teaching falls through
- move out of my spiritual ice age

Beyond that?  I want to cut TV out of my life and institute non-stress related hobbies into my life like: piano, freezer meals, sewing some more, and family history.  I'm excited about the new friends I'll make and the new church family of which we'll be a part.

Life is going to be a little different not being the money maker, but my main goal is to enjoy it.


Lauren said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the color of those eggs! I love all your goals and hopeful hobbies; it's nice to start fresh again, isn't it?

Jordan Jaked said...

Love these photos. Pretty little blue eggs.

I'm excited for your fresh start and to see how things unfold!! Keeping you in my prayers :)

robertandsharon said...

You seem to be running on the same thoughts as Lauren in her blog...you will be happy wherever you live and new friends will abound!

Natasha Louise said...

I can't remember if I commented or not! But I just wanted to say I think your awesome Autumn, your positive and yet real about things and I think it's admirable!! :)

Rebecca Pipkin said...

it sounds like life is going well, I look forward to see how all your goals go.

ginanorma said...

WE have a Robins nest now!!! There are 3 eggs though, not 5, that is amazing, is that your nest?!

Love that you are growing in your faith! Keep seeking;)