May 2, 2012

things you should know about textbooks

1) You won't read half of the ones you buy.
2) You will have Professors who never mention them, but then only use the book for the test.
3) You won't be able to sell most of them back.
4) You will be able to buy a pack of gum for the money you do get back.

I say this because now that we are preparing to move cross country we have several textbook graveyards in our apartment.  We can't sell them back and no one wants them....we don't even want them.

Exhibit A:
I looked up a book that I bought in my undergrad on which I paid $120 for and then had to re-purchase in my graduate classes for about the same price.  Then, of course, came shipping and handling.  I found the same book for: $30 on Campus Book Rental's website because my teacher friend now needs the book.  The best part?  Shipping and handling is free both ways.

I wish I knew about this website in my undergrad, but will I use it the next time I take classes?  Most definitely.

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memory said...

Have you checked out to sell your old textbooks back? I was just telling Emma from Race & Emma about it the other day. They give you a list of the best prices that companies will pay for your old textbooks!

Your comment on my birthday post about "the cute boy I was with" really made me smile. Haha! It is, in fact, my brother. But I agree, he is cute. :) Thank you for your birthday wishes!


Kell said...

I have two stacks of textbooks at least 3 feet high each.. and I can't do a thing with them. They're no good anymore because there are constantly newer versions coming out. So they'll continue to sit there, because throwing them away would be like throwing hundreds and hundreds of dollars away.