April 16, 2012

8. What are 5 passions you have?

expressing myself
This is something that was engrained into me as a child.  We were encouraged to share our feelings and be open.  My parents bought me my first camera for my fifth birthday and my Dad always made sure I had one.  My house growing up was messy, but it was full of markers, paints, musical instruments, books, fabric, rolls of paper, and buckets of crafts.

I remember being banned from question words as a child for several hours so my parents could have reprieve.  So, they bought me an encyclopedia program and I would wake up at 6 AM in middle school to look at it (I love history).  I feel better knowing my grandpa did this too...kind of...it's weird.  I love being a student even though it is stressful.

being empathetic
I try very hard to be kind and understanding of people's situations...I think this is really important to being a special education teacher.  It doesn't mean that I always think forest animals should come out and help people out of their situations or that I don't sometimes think of that vengeful moment because I'm human.  However, I have learned to sincerely apologize to people and I try really hard.

finding purpose in my life
I think this can be very easy or very difficult depending on where I am spiritually.  When I am close to God and I do the things I know are right for me I feel less distracted on the little things.  It is really important to me that I feel like I am doing in my life what God would want me to do.

becoming a better person
I have to-do lists like crazy about ways I would like to develop myself whether it be becoming a better wife, doing more school, or becoming a better homemaker (this comes naturally to some people).  I feel like I have many talents in many different areas, but I also want to make sure I keep developing myself.


ginanorma said...

LOVE these, so so super sweet...this has been so great, ...

Rolled Up Pretty said...

What a cute picture and I bet you are good at all of these things too!