April 18, 2012

10. Describe your most embarrassing moment.

My junior year of high school I went to go see Dark Water with a group of my male friends.

The premise of the movie is a single mother and her daughter move into an apartment.  They soon find that there are these dark water spots appearing in which a little girl is coming from and haunting the daughter.

Afterwards, we went to the only restaurant open in our town still.  We were eating and talking for a while and I realized I needed to go to the restroom.  I went in and locked the door outside determined to finish quickly because of the movie we just saw. 

After I washed my hands, the lights went out.  I am afraid of the dark and began fumbling around in the dark for the door and the lock.  However, the lock wouldn't come undone and neither would the door.  This, my friends, is when I began screaming and banging on the door.

A minute later I heard whispering outside which furthered my paranoia.  I had unlocked the door, but still could not open it up.  I silently said a prayer and the door opened by itself.  When the door opened, I saw all of my male friends absolutely horrified standing in the dark with the rest of the restaurant.

Turns out I was pushing on the door instead of pulling it (lights help) and the electricity in our whole town went out.  I'm a lucky lucky girl the lights went out after I had used the bathroom.

This is also the story of the last horror flick I saw.


Jacy said...

LOL! Lucky you went potty first is right... :)

Ariel Tyler said...

hahaha! Aww!