August 22, 2010

Kentucky to Nauvoo

...then we drove up to Nauvoo.

Nauvoo is a church history site as this was a huge gathering place for LDS people before they headed west to Utah. My family loves history and my Dad was so excited that Devin is a convert because that means we have a great excuse to go to all of the church history sites again.

We had a wonderful time touring and my Dad completely devastated us at Monopoly.

Devin and I in front of the Nauvoo, Illinois LDS temple. After the pioneers spent everything they had- time and money they were forced to leave it all behind. When I was in middle school they re-built an exact replica of the beautiful temple.

Devin and my Dad doing what they do best- laugh.

My cute parents.


Lauren said...

I love Nauvoo! It's so beautiful!
Just like you and Devin in front of that temple. So precious!

Devin said...

What a cute young lady.

Natalie and Trent said...

Even MORE wonderful pictures. I really love the one of your dad and Devin. Its so joyous! Someday I need to have you show me around Nauvoo apparently :-)