August 19, 2010

Arizona to Nashville, Nashville to Kentucky

Devin's Mom and Step-Dad had the fun idea of picking Devin and I up at the airport- in Nashville. Then we drove to Kentucky and met up with my parents at a little bed and breakfast. We played cards really late and then toured Paducah (the town I grew up in) the next day.

It's really nice to show someone where I grew up and why I love a town- and even better when they seem to think it is as quaint as I do. It was really nice to meet Devin's Mom and to realize I keep on getting luckier and luckier to have the collection of in-laws I have.

This is me on Market Street. These used to be open horse stalls in the 1800s.

This used to be a yummy restaurant named Flamingo Row, but they moved it. The wall is made of unique ceramic tiles that are all different from each other.

This is Devin's lovely Mom- Barb. I think they look quite a bit alike.

Devin basking in the humidity...not really...haha.

It's good to be home.


Lauren said...

I love taking people around places I grew up in and love!!
All these pictures are great (as usual), and Devin and his mom do look a lot alike!

Natalie and Trent said...

I love these pictures! I wish I could tour your town, it looks amazing. How fun that Barb was able to pick you guys up!