December 1, 2014

#Sharegoodness 30 Day Challenge to Come Closer to Christ

On facebook, a friend shared a link from Millennial Mormons about a 30 day reading challenge.  It started in November though and I didn't find out about it  So, I reworked the same schedule into a spreadsheet HERE.  My hope is that people will save the great list of talks they compiled and use it in future months too!  They did a great job of compiling a very spiritually uplifting line up of talks :).

I am creating an email group for it for the month of December.  If you would like to join the email group I am creating, contact me via email.  I'll be sending out a daily reminder on what talk you should be reading.  Since there are 31 days of the year, you get a day to catch up, should you get behind ;).

November 30, 2014

November gratitude journal

It has been a while since I did a monthly gratitude post.  Life gets busy and gets busier.  So, I decided I needed to re-vist and keep re-visiting this again.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, so I'm glad the month obliged for me :).
  1. Feeling that my sense of community has rounded out because of grad school.
  2. Having answers to prayers and confidence in moving forward on them.
  3. Our house that keeps us warm and gives me a place to rest.
  4. The opportunity to vote!
  5. Loosing 7 pounds on Weight Watchers so far
  6. Cooking French toast for the first time...and it turning out excellent
  7. Being able to feed the missionaries and the funny stories that come from it
  8. Soul conversations
  9. The city + fall + headphones
  10. Devin having good hours at work and not traveling
  11. Our Ninja blender...I know, I know, but it is totally better than just a blender
  12. Talking about home renovations and campers
  13. Devin's effort in trying to learn how to fix things in our house; it isn't the easiest job
  14. Finding a Heaven sent chiropractor after car wreck #3
  15. The honesty of the lady who caused wreck #3
  16. My husband being born!
  17. 9 good years with my little 1993 Honda Accord
  18. Finding out I received an A for my second General Linguistics test
  19. My study groups
  20. Lunch dates in the city
  21. Walking past civil war history on the way to classes
  22. My mom's Thanksgiving stuffing
  23. Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends
  24. Texas...I love it more and more every time I visit
  25. Galveston + seafood
  26. Having my parents meet at one of my in-law's houses for a combo Thanksgiving
  27. Christmas music on the radio!
  28. Getting to introduce Thanksgiving to Yue and now Christmas
  29. Being able to put Christmas decorations up
  30. Conference talks

November 7, 2014

#Sharegoodness 2

This may be my favorite post every month now...and it is only month 2.  I made the photos more square shaped in case people want to use them on instagram, please link back though :).

October 31, 2014

when all else fails, be yourself.

This year, I wanted to be a lawn gnome really bad.  Turns out, it was a little hard to put those materials together than I thought for us.  So, I ended up being myself again.  Get it?  I dressed up as Autumn.

These fall season holidays are my favorites!  Thanksgiving is almost here and I can't wait!

October 25, 2014

our 3rd annual orchard trip

Angela is our international student that has been living with us since August.
Sanghee is one of the best study buddies a girl can have!

I can't believe we've lived here long enough to have a 3rd year of doing something.  Out of all of the years though, this year we timed it perfectly, because the weather was PERFECT.  We've never actually gone apply picking when we go, but apparently you're allowed to eat as many as apples as you want, and we ate a lot of apples.  We bought 2 pecks of apples home and we have even more of them to eat!

We finished up the day by walking around town, eating at our favorite BBQ place, and a double feature at the drive-in movies.

Looking forward to next year and feeling mighty grateful (am I showing my southern?) Devin has been around to enjoy life this fall.