April 19, 2014

stitchfix #1

I have been wanting to try a Stitchfix for a long time!  You pay $20, fill out a style profile with your sizes and preferences, and then they send you a box with five clothing items.  If you buy them, then they put the $20 towards your purchase.

Out of the five items, I ended up keeping this maxi dress, which I think looks a lot cuter on me than it did today (bloated).  I always see people at church wearing maxi dresses and think they look really cute, but always end up passing them up because sometimes they are ridiculously long. 
Overall, I enjoyed the service because who doesn't enjoy getting surprise clothing in the mail?!  However, I felt like most of the items were out of my price range and the sizing was really random- these are all things you can put on the stylist feedback though.

Stitchfix might be something I do every once in a while to help me try out some clothing I normally wouldn't (that I end up liking a lot!), but only if I had cash burning a hole in my pocket.  What I did like though was that I felt like it made me a little more adventurous when Devin and I recently went shopping.

Also, it is kind of cold in Georgia right now and we keep joking about how I unabashedly look like a teacher ;)- that always ends up happening.

April 17, 2014

Autumn nests: a house with a yellow door

When we first moved to our house, it had no curb appeal.  We had a half-dead dog wood in the front yard, a 20 foot privacy bush in the middle of our yard, and visually, it was really easy to miss where our door was.  Our door color was too dark.

So, I went to facebook and asked everyone what they thought: a light turquoise/blue door, yellow, or sage green.  After the votes began coming in, I decided I wanted a blue or yellow door.  The masses voted yellow and I'm really happy about it.

It is really amazing what some paint can do!


The photos above are from back in September and I have my Momma to thank for the pretty door.  She painted it while I was at work and Devin was in Pennsylvania.

Below are some recent photos and...exciting news: our flowers are popping up now!
I'm pretty proud of our little porch pig!  We found it (him?) at TJ Maxx trying to find more blue and white pots.  I may just have to find some more pots like this to put throughout our garden bed.  I already have blue and white plates throughout the house...this may be an obsession.
There is nothing happier than coming home to a bright yellow door!

April 2, 2014

home is...

I've been wondering since we moved here when a place feels like home.

I grew up in a 45 minute radius my whole life.  Outside of that, I spent every family vacation, in Arkansas, with my grandpa and family.  After my freshman year of college, I moved to Provo.  It wasn't love at first site, but after that first full summer, everything else fell into place.

I had so many important milestones there!  I was accepted into my teaching program, I met my husband, I met my biological Aunt and cousins, I made friends who were beautiful examples to me, and I taught my first year.  That first year of teaching, I fell in love with the country near my teaching job.

When we were packing up to move cross country, it was all so bittersweet.  As our friends started to move out as well, I began to realize that it would never quite be our college town in the same way again.
When I moved to Utah, it was simple: "I'm from Kentucky."

When we moved from Utah, it was more complicated: "My husband and I moved from Utah, but I'm from Kentucky and he is from Arizona.  We came to Georgia for a job."

At what point, do you live somewhere, and start saying "My name is Autumn and I'm from Georgia" ?  Is it when you have reached milestones?  Is it growing up somewhere, for your whole life, and never quite getting that feeling again?  Is it when your heart and mind stop thinking, about the possibility that you could move, and you just decide to love it anyway?

So, I think this is my way of saying:
My name is Autumn.  I feel a little homesick at times, but I have no idea where home is anymore.  I own a home, but I've loved a lot of different places and they will always have a part of my heart.  Someday Georgia will have a piece too.

March 28, 2014

on beauty and intensity

Growing up, I felt that something had to be intense to validate how real and right the experience it was; intense equated to "this is the right thing" in my mind.  Sometimes I would have a hard time seeing and enjoying the calm and peaceful moments in life because intense didn't just mean "this is right", but I had somehow also equated it with beautiful.
This was kind of confusing for me when I met and began dating Devin.  Everything was so calm all of the time and I had a hard time figuring out what that meant.  Now, it is really obvious to me that I wasn't exactly used to that feeling, but after I found it, I wanted to keep it around.

After a while, it became so startlingly simple what I should do and what direction I should go.  It was a new experience and I think it was something God knew I needed.  I may have been mad at Devin at times when we were dating, and still frequently feel that way (don't worry, the feeling is often mutual), but I always knew what we had was right and I still do.

I've learned that the moments we learn from intensity are often beautiful, but life has a way of giving intense situations, without searching for them or giving them control in my life.  It seems absolutely crazy to me now that I searched out these experiences to validate anything.

Adulthood has been teaching me that simple and calm experiences are also beautiful ...and much appreciated.  I've spent my time since looking for them.

March 24, 2014

Autumn nests: our living room

Our house is full of loved hand-me-downs and thrift store knick knacks and I wouldn't have it any other way.  This room, especially, reminds me of my home growing up.  We had a giant bay window in that house with the piano, wing back chairs, and the picture over the piano.  These are the funny little things that make our house feel like a home.  Prior to buying a home here, I never felt settled and this has been a wonderful blessing for me.


Devin's Momma reupholstered the wing back chairs, which was a giant labor of love, that saved us a lot of money!!  The chairs were bought when my parents were newlyweds in the early 70s.  After three kids and forty years, the fabric was ripping.  Notice how they rusty pink in the photo below...and this nice blue color below?  We are already joking with my parents, that we'll gift them to our children in a few decades, and then they can tell us how out-dated the color is and re-do them all over again.


The piano bench kind of caused a little bit of a Clement controversy ;).  My Mom had reupholstered over it when I was a child and I always thought it had been because our cat scratched it up.  We took the material off, to put the fabric we had bought, only to discover the original fabric!  My Mom just shook her head when she saw it because apparently it wasn't her favorite color.

My father-in-law once joked with me that nesting is a chore that is never over.  I'm pretty sure I rolled my eyes at him, but I totally have a box in our hallway closet with decor...that I switch throughout different rooms routinely.  This is definitely a perk of being a thrifter!  The top of the piano, the shelf, and the top of the book shelf have already changed several times.  Guilty as charged, Rich ;).

We don't have any lights in the ceiling for this room and we would like to change that one of these days; it can get a little dark in here when we have guests.  Someday, I would also like to paint this room a more lively color, like a light yellow, and switch the rug out for a patterned one.

In the mean time, I really love this room, and I definitely day dream about hearing our kids take piano lessons in here someday.

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